HowTo: Make Google Translate Beatbox

Make Google Translate Beatbox

A clever redditor named harrichr recently discovered a simple method for making Google Translate generate beatbox sounds. 

HowTo: Make Google Translate Beatbox

Here's how you do it:

1) Go to Google Translate

2) Set the translator to translate German to German

3) Copy + paste the following into the translate box: pv zk pv pv zk pv zk kz zk pv pv pv zk pv zk zk pzk pzk pvzkpkzvpvzk kkkkkk bsch

4) Click "listen"

5) Be amazed :)

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try bv bp bv bp bp bk pv pv bk kv ttp tp tp bv bppv

i don't got the listen button

Make sure you have flash installed, and that both language drop downs are set to German.

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