How To: Improve search engine optimization with internal links

Improve search engine optimization with internal links

Internal linking is a valuable way to improve search engine optimization on your website or blog. This component of organic search engine optimization we going to focus on web copy threading.

When speaking about web copy threading- it's really about the actual content on your web page. And how you are going to take the web copy and thread it to other relevant content on individual pages throughout the site. For example- If I am talking about Search Engine Marketing services- I am going to say "SEM" has two main components- SEO and Sponsored Search. Each of these two areas here, if we look at this main page which is talking about SEM, we have two main sub topics- we have SEO and sponsored search. So you will want to take your word SEO and your word Sponsored Search and hyperlink them to pages with relevant content to SEO. So here is your SEO page and your word SEO, search engine optimization, hyperlinks to the page about SEO. Then your sponsored search word is going to the actual page about sponsored search. So you lead into sponsored search keyword and go into a page about sponsored search. So to recap, when looking at your web copy threading and you're on a page about SEM- Search Engine Marketing- the two main pages that you're threading out to are SEO – Search engine optimization, a component of SEM, and sponsored search – also known as cost- per-click or pay-per-click marketing.

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