How To: Insert an image gallery in a WordPress 3 blog post

Insert an image gallery in a WordPress 3 blog post

If you need to display thumbnails on a WordPress page and link the smaller thumbs to the original larger pictures, this post shows the process involved, using the Lightbox plugi,n which creates a special overlay effect when an image link is clicked on. Every version of WordPress brings with it new features, new functions and new ways of doing things. Fortunately, the very same technology that allows an open-source blog publishing application like WordPress to exist in the first place also makes it easy for its users to share information about the abovesaid things through videos like this one. Take a look.

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thanks for the tip. ive been looking for a gallery plugin & didnt know a gallery could be created this easily. solves some problems. :)

I don't get how to do a gallery by choosing the photo from the media library ? I see only the option show in post. but I don't want this to be visible 2 times ( the gallery shortcode should be enough )

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