How To: Install Joomla 1.5 on Windows Server 2003 with IIS6

Install Joomla 1.5 on Windows Server 2003 with IIS6

Installing Joomla on a Windows server can be tricky, on Windows running IIS even more so. Installing Joomla 1.5 in this scenario has caused many frustrations.In this video, we take the process step by step and jump over the hurdles that cause some people to wind up pulling their hair out. If you follow along closely, you will be up and running in no time, and if you haven't already tried to do this, you will wonder why people find it so difficult. There are some prerequisites to the steps in this video. First you should follow our Installing PHP and Installing MySQL videos at Even if you have these installed, it will help you as you watch this video as you will know the basic configuration of our initial PHP and MySQL setups.
Installing PHP5 on Windows 2003 and IIS6 How to Install MySQL on Windows 2003

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