How To: Make and upload widescreen videos to YouTube

Make and upload widescreen videos to YouTube

Make the most of your YouTube videos! Watch this video tutorial to see how to make the most out of the YouTube player by uploading widescreen video. Here's how to prepare your videos for widescreen viewing:

1. Use a screen size of 640x360 or larger (widescreen, of course).
2. Use a bitrate of 1000kbps or higher.
3. Use a framerate of 24fps or higher.

The exact file type isn't critical: AVI, MOV, WMV, and MPEG have all worked. Inside that file, a variety of video codecs seem to work fine, so it's hard to tell the exact ones that work. Flash has never worked though. Make the video look as good as you can. You be the judge of bitrate vs. file size (and upload time). Remember: it's also important to make the video look as good as you can before you upload: use a tripod to cut down on unnecessary motion, light it well so it's sharp (not snowy), and deinterlace (unless you shot in progressive mode). Audio does not affect YT's decision to show the HQ link. For best quality, use uncompressed audio.

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