How To: Make An "Apple Cider Cocktail"

Make An "Apple Cider Cocktail"

Step 1:

White rum (4 Ounce)
Sweet apple cider (10 Ounce)
Apple slices (2)
Caramelized brown sugar (4 Tablespoon)
Lime (1 1/2)
Brown sugar (2 Tablespoon)

Step 2:

Rub your ½ cut lime around the rim of each glass.
Flip your glass into the small container of brown sugar.
Rotate your glass until the sugar has adhered to the rim.
Now pour ½ or 2tbsp of your caramelized brown sugar in each glass.
Add 2oz of white rum per glass.
Then add 5 oz of cider in each glass
Now gently stir and decorate with a apple slice.

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