How To: Make Firefox faster on your Mac or PC

Make Firefox faster on your Mac or PC

This video shows how to change the advanced settings to make Firefox faster on Mac and PC.
Firefox with it's default settings is a bit slower while accessing web pages and loading them. To make it faster, there is a way which is shown in this video. To do this open your Firefox browser and type 'about:config' into it and hit enter. This opens us the advanced settings Firefox page, which contains advanced and complex settings that you should not go around changing if you don't understand them. At the top you are provided with a filter bar where you can type filter words to narrow down the list of settings available. Type network.http.pipelining into the filter bar. Double-click the first result that shows up and change the value of false to true. Now in the next result change the value of max requests to 30. Now this enables the browser to make requests in parallel which makes your browser load pages faster.

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Thanks, I`ll try all this stuff on me Mac.

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