How To: Make a Pandora battery on 5.50 Gen-B (Full)

Make a Pandora battery on 5.50 Gen-B (Full)

Make a Pandora Battery on 5.50 Gen B (full)

1. Make sure you are running on 5.50 Gen-B (full)
2. Go to the recovery menu and choose configuration settings, then VSH menu. Please make sure you are on the VSH option and not recovery. It should look like "Use VSH menu <currently : VSH Menu>".
3. Exit the recovery mode. Welcome screen appears.
4. Press "Select" then the menu comes out.
5. Choose make pandora battery option from the menu. Press "X" for OK. 5.50 VSH Menu appears and if it blinks means it's OK.
6. Test the battery by taking it out and put it back in place. It should be "ON" automatically, the green light should glow immediately
7. To check get a magic memory stick (MMS) and see it works.
8. This appears " Install 5.00 M33
Install 5.00 OFW
NAND operations
Hardware INFO
Test M33
shut down
9. To bring back to normal plug in your charger first and please make sure your battery is in place.
10. Press the select button and now the VSH menu appears in that choose make normal battery but remember the battery should be plugged in and then remove the charger but the battery should be in place.
11. To test whether it works as a normal battery first take off the battery as before and then turn it "ON". There it works!

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