How To: Make a side menu bar for your website

Make a side menu bar for your website

In this video the author gives an HTML Website Design tutorial showing how to make a side menu bar. He goes on to show how to write the HTML page, explaining about the different HTML tags like <html>, <head>, <title>, <table> etc., He shows how to set page color and add styling to the page. He shows how to align the page elements and does the font settings. He goes on and makes a HTML table. Next he shows how to make a menu bar using the table element and shows how to do the various settings of table properties and font settings. He goes on and adds HTML links to those menu items. He shows how to set the various colors to the table elements. Now he adds an another column to the table separating the menu bar at the left. He finally makes a beautiful menu bar on the left hand side of the web page. Following this video you can make your own menu bar easily.

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