How To: Make your Firefox browser smarter using SmarterFox

Make your Firefox browser smarter using SmarterFox

Check out this video tutorial on how to make your Firefox smarter using SmarterFox. Wikipedia sidebar SmarterFox adds a "related articles" sidebar to the left side of Wikipedia.

The popup bubble appears when you select (or "highlight") some text on a web page. Clicking on it will take you to the Wikipedia article for that term or if no such article exists, a Google search for that term. You also have the option of using the right-click context menu.

SmarterFox extends the Awesomebar (also called the URL bar) so that Google search results automatically appear as you type. This way you do not have to click though to Google in order to search.

The qLauncher allows you quickly visit your favorite webpages. To invoke the qLauncher press Ctrl-Space. If you are using a Mac or Ubiquity, you might need to change the shortcut since Ctrl-Space might already be in use. (Do so by going to Tools - SmarterFox). After the qLauncher panel is open simply press another key to open the corresponding site. qLauncher's settings integrate right into Firefox's bookmark system so it will be backed up alongside your other bookmarks if you use something like Xmarks. The bookmarks for qLauncher are included in the folder named "qLauncher" on your bookmarks menu. To add a bookmark to qLauncher simply click on the + button on the qLauncher itself or copy it into the folder.

SmarterFox can also convert text urls into clickable links and automatically copy on select or paste on right click (NOT enabled by default).

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