How To: Make Yourself the Star of PSY's Gangnam Style Music Video

Make Yourself the Star of PSY's Gangnam Style Music Video

So you've learned all of the dance moves to Gangnam Style and made your very own papercraft version of PSY that dances whenever you want him to. Now it's time to take your obsession a step further—by making yourself the star of the Gangnam Style music video.

JibJab, the custom e-card site, has created a free tool that lets you use any photo to replace PSY's face with yours (or whoever you choose), then share the video with your friends.

You can upload your own photo or use one from Facebook, then use the tool to crop and move the photo until it's lined up just right. The best part is that the mouth actually moves along with the lyrics. Check out the video to see how the editing tool works.

It's free to make a video and share it via social media, but the only downside is if you want to download it, JibJab charges a fee of $4.99. You could probably get around this by using screen recording software to save a copy for yourself, but the quality may not be as good. You can also do this with QuickTime.

To get started on your own, go here and click the big red button that says Make Your Own! Be sure to share your results with the rest of us in the comments!

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