Multitask Like a Boss: How to Watch & Read at the Same Time by Making Videos in Articles Sticky

How to Watch & Read at the Same Time by Making Videos in Articles Sticky

Embedded videos are increasingly common around the web. Sometimes the video is there to enhance the content of the page, and other times it's the only content on the page. Regardless, if you scroll to read the accompanying article or comments, you lose sight of the video.

A Chrome extension called Video Tape can help solve this dilemma by letting you "tape" (or sticky) the video to the page so it stays in the same spot while you scroll.

It adds a button to your address bar that brings up purple rectangles, indicating the positions of any media on the screen. When you select a video, its rectangle turns yellow and it is taped to the spot you chose.

You can drag the rectangle anywhere you want on the page, and wherever you drop it is where the video will display. Once it's taped, the video will remain on top of any other page elements, so you'll want to strategically place it so it doesn't block the text you're trying to read.

Video Tape works for most video players, not just YouTube, and all video controls remain functional while the extension is in use. It's a convenient little addition to your browser that makes it easier to multitask, which is especially useful if you watch a lot of videos for work.

You can download Video Tape for free over on the Chrome Web Store.

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