How To: Post photos to Flickr

Post photos to Flickr

Got a digital camera, but no idea how to share pictures with friends and family? Try the photo-sharing site Flickr.
You Will Need
* Computer with internet access
* Flickr or Yahoo! account
* Digital photos

Step 1
Go to If you have a Yahoo! ID, hit "Sign In" to enter your information. If you don't, click "Sign up" to register. When you're done, click "Create My Account."

Your Flickr account can be used with the entire Yahoo! network of services, including Yahoo! Mail.

Step 2
Click the "Upload Photos & Videos" link to start the process.

Videos are limited to 90 seconds in length and 150 MB in size.

Step 3
Choose which photo, or photos, you want to upload from your computer. To select more than one photo at the same time, hold the Control key as you select your pictures, or the open Apple key on a Mac.

Upload photos to Flickr in JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, and TIF file formats.

Step 4
Choose your privacy settings. By default everyone can view your images, but you can limit viewing to yourself, your friends, or your family.

Step 5
Click "Upload Photos and Videos" to begin uploading. This could take a few seconds if you're only uploading a few pictures, or several (or even hours), if uploading a large number of photos.

Step 6
After your photos are uploaded, add titles, descriptions, and tags, which help people find what you've uploaded, and give them information on what they're viewing.

Step 7
To share with others, click "Share This" in the upper right area of the page, or "Send to a friend" in the lower right area, and enter the recipient's email address. Enjoy your brand-new digital photo album!

Fact: Since launching in 2004, Flickr users have uploaded more than three billion photos.

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