How To: Post a video response in the new layout on YouTube

Post a video response in the new layout on YouTube

As of March 2nd, 2010, YouTube began rolling out a new layout for video pages, and one of the things that seems to be missing in the new version, compared to the old, is the option to send a video response. The video response is some YouTuber's favorite option, but now where is it?

This tutorial will show you, very simply, how to do a video response on YouTube. In order to send video responses now, you have to go to the comment box and click until you see your cursor ready to type. Then, a link magical appears off to the right asking to "attach a video" if you so desire. You click "attach a video" and continue on as you always did before.

Merrill Kazanjian shows you the scoop on the new YouTube format and video responses!

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