How To: Print from the Internet with HP's Smart Web Printing

Print from the Internet with HP's Smart Web Printing

Print what you want, how you want. While browsing, choose the content you want then edit and print exactly what you see on your screen..

Often when printing content you find on websites, you don't have much control over what is printed. You end up wasting paper and ink on irrelevant content. Print what you want using the free HP Smart Web printing application.

Visit to download and install the free browser plug-in to get started. HP Smart Web Printing lets you select the online content you want, from multiple websites. You can print a single item or combine images and text. Create custom documents that have all the information you need.

Don't waste paper or ink by printing whole web pages; assemble a personalized research guide, custom travel plan or a collection of favorites.

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HP's Smart Web Printing works ONLY with Internet Explorer. It does NOT work with Firefox or Google Chrome browser. Why???

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