How To: Pronounce the English "th" sound

Pronounce the English "th" sound

Follow this video to learn tips on how to best pronounce the th sound when speaking in English. The th sound can be somewhat confusing for some people who are trying to learn English as a second language. In fact there are two types of th sounds. The voiceless th sound does not cause any vibration if you try to put your fingers at the sides of your neck while pronouncing it. Examples of this th sound in words include "think", "thank you" and "thing". The other th sound is the voiced th sound, which causes vibration. Examples in practice include "mother" and "they". To pronounce the voiceless th sound well start by saying 's', as in "snake", as if you were saying "snake", and then put your tongue upwards to touch the top teeth. In order to pronounce the voiced th sound start by saying 'z', as if you were saying "zebra", and then move your tongue upwards to touch your top teeth. Practice the th sounds by repeating different words. Also keep in mind that in both cases you have to slightly stick your tongue out of your mouth and follow the tips mentioned before.

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