How To: Put music on your Facebook profile

Put music on your Facebook profile

Follow along as we are given step-by-step instructions on how to put music onto your Facebook profile.

-First, you will have to sign into your Facebook profile.
-Then type "Profile Playlist" into the search bar and hit Search.
-Then click Applications, it should be the first one.
-Click it and wait for it to load, then hit "Go to Application"
-Next, search and look for your song.
-Make sure you play the song to make sure it is what you want.
-Then hit the plus sign that is right next to the play sign.
-It should then be on the right of your screen and you should see a green Save button.
-Click it, then name your playlist.
-It will ask you to make an account on a website.
-Then it should take you to your profile.
-Look on the side for your playlist, there should be a box that has a Keep button. Click that.
-You are done.

That's it, just follow these instructions to learn how to put music on your Facebook profile.

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To My face book Friends check out this beat

I would like to add my profile music video clips to facebook, I found very useful information contained in this site and would like to thank all those who passed effort..

saya sudah coba tapi tidak bisa.... kenapa ya...?

wondering if this site can provide activation music on my facebook account

Excuse me?? Where is "Go to Application" Located? Please help

Where is go to application located???

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