How To: Recover your cell after getting wet

Recover your cell after getting wet

JrHelgeson teaches viewers how to recover their cell phone after getting it wet. First, once you get your phone out of the water, immediately take your phone apart. Make sure you take out the battery and the SIM card and various components. Also, try to shake out as much water as you can. You need to use distilled water next because it does not conduct electricity and it MUST BE distilled water. Fill distilled water all over your cell phone to rinse off as much of the normal water as you can. Next, take a Tupperware container, put in your cell phone and fill this up with distilled water. Put the lid on it and shake it then pour out the water. Repeat this process a few times, with each of the phone components in the Tupperware. Now, place your cell phone in rubbing alcohol and shake this up. Make sure it is a potent rubbing alcohol because it will help the phone dry out faster. Let alcohol drain out as much as it can. Blow out as much water as you can and then set your phone in a bag of rice to let it dry further. When your phone is fully dry, put all your pieces back in and your phone should work great!

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