How To: Remove and Replace a Broken Alfa AP121U (Pineapple) Aerial

Remove and Replace a Broken Alfa AP121U (Pineapple) Aerial

For those of you who are as unlucky as me with your Pineapple and need to re-seat or replace the aerial connector this will show you how.

Step 1: Open the Case

To open the case we need to remove the two feet on the base of the unit, they will likely be located underneath. In the following picture you can clearly see the two feet I've removed and then taken the screws out.

Although this isn't the best of images you should be able to see the two bottom feet I've removed and locate them on your device.

Step 2: Loosen the SMA Connector

To remove the connector you will need to firmly grasp both the internal and external nut and twist counter clockwise until the external nut is completely removed, it's then as simple as pushing the connector through the hole.

The reason my Pineapple was misbehaving was due to the connector becoming loose and spinning, this in turn severed the connector.

Step 3: Remove from the Circuit Board

Now we have the SMA connector hanging free we can remove the entire connector from the board to make way for our replacement. Unfortunately I didn't take a picture however there was a glob of glue about half way down the cable holding it in place. I gently pulled this until it came off.

The very last step is gently pulling the final connector upward away from the circuit board.

Step 4: Replacement Part

Now we've fully removed the aerial we're going to need a replacement. There are plenty of places these can be found. I got mine from Amazon for around $10, dependant on where you are you can Google for a female RP-SMA.

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