How To: Resize and attach photos to email in Windows XP

Resize and attach photos to email in Windows XP

This video tutorial from easycomputercoach shows how to easily attach pictures to email addresses.

In Windows XP you can send pictures resizing them in the process, in case you have large file sizes.

First, locate and select pictures you want to send. You can do it by clicking and dragging selection box with your mouse cursor or holding Ctrl key and clicking on the images you want to select.

Once your pictures are selected, find Email the selected items option in the left pane under the File and Folder Tasks.

You can either click that option or right click on the selected images and click on Send To-Email Recipient.

Send pictures via email window will open, asking if you want to make your pictures smaller before sending or keep the original sizes.

While sending files via email small size is preferable, so choose resize option.

All the images will be automatically resized and default email program window will appear.

Type in addressee email address and optionally email title then click Send button. Your pictures will be sent.

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