How To: Retweet a post in Twitter

Retweet a post in Twitter

Follow along with this video and learn how to retweet a post on Twitter.

-A Tweet is simply a message posted on Twitter.
-A Retweet (RT) is posting a message other than your own.
-To RT on Twitter you have to do it manually. Begin by typing in RT.
-Copy what you want to RT, as well as, who said it.
-Then type the '@' sign and click paste.
-Make sure the UserID is by itself, that way the person will know you Retweeted what they said.
-Then simply click update.
-Your Tweet will then go out to all of your followers.
-Another option is using a tool called Tweet Deck.
-This option is a lot more automated and only requires a click.

There you have it, a couple simple options for Retweeting a post on Twitter.

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