How To: Save screen space on your Firefox browser

Save screen space on your Firefox browser

Tekzilla Daily Tip shows you how to save screen space on your Firefox browser

You have two options: you can either move your toolbars onto one existing toolbar or you can move your toolbar buttons onto the Firefox browser bar itself.

1. First of all, remove from the toolbars the features you don'€™t need as space will be at a premium. You can do this by going into the toolbar options. Only keep what you actually use and need. Hack away at the rest. Be honest, do you really need the "€œI feel lucky!"€ Google button?
2. When you have got the toolbars down to the features you need, right-click on the top Firefox bar and a little menu should then come up showing your toolbars and the word "€œcustomize"€.
3. Click on "€œcustomize"€. A box will then pop up with Firefox features that you are not using and your toolbars will start moving a little bit. Don'€™t worry about that.
4. What you must do now is decide where you want your new toolbar to be. Do you want your toolbar buttons sitting on the top Firefox bar (next to the navigation arrows and homepage button)? Or do you want to put the Google buttons on the Stumble bar? Or vice-versa?
5. When you have decided which buttons are being moved, click once on each button and then drag it to wherever you want it to go. When the button moves to wherever you want it, release the click and let it go. Repeat until you get the buttons moved to where you want them to go.
6. You can now use the click and drag method to re-arrange the buttons in whatever order you like. So you can have the most-used buttons on the left hand side for example and perhaps move the search box to a different place.
7. Using this method, you can have several toolbars in your Firefox browser without them taking up an inordinate amount of space.

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