How To: Scramble Your Facebook Posts and Tweets into Coded Spy Messages

Scramble Your Facebook Posts and Tweets into Coded Spy Messages

Social media is where we post our thoughts for the world to see, but sometimes a little more exclusivity is needed. And that's where Scrambls comes in.

Scrambls if a free extension for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer that scrambles your messages for super cool stealthiness. Not only can it be helpful for keeping some important info under wraps, but it's a fun way to communicate with friends or followers.

Now, this is not intended for extremely serious or sensitive information to be shared. Scrambls is just a basic extension, so if you want to send hardcore encrypted files or messages, you're better off using password protection or an actual data encryption program. Or you can always send a self-destructing message.

Scrambls works by coding the messages you type into a text field, either automatically or manually. If you want your written text to be scrambled, you'll need to enter it in like this: @@this is a message from a really cool guy@@. Enclosing the text in the double @ symbols will scramble the text (if the extension is running).

Now, by default, your Scrambls messages can be seen by anyone that has the Scrambls extension. If you want to make your messages private, you will need to create a group.

You can create a group for a single individual or a bunch of different people. Just go to the create a group section from the Scrambls website. You can use an email address, Twitter handle, Facebook friends, and other domains. Just make a title for the group, add the people you want to be able to see it, and you're done.

Now you can use Facebook, Twitter, and any other site with a message board, and scramble your text so that no one but those in the group(s) you selected can see it. Just choose who can see it by selecting a group for the Scrambls toolbar icon.

NOTE: Your group members must sign up and install Scrambls on their own device to see your message.

Even after you've written a message, you can change who can see it by simply changing the groups. Just right-click on a coded messages and this window will pop up.

If you want to see it in action, here's a little run-through of Scrambls being used on Facebook.

You can also use Scrambls on an Android and iPhone (but only for Twitter), as well as for scrambling files (Windows XP, 7, and 8 only). All downloads are available on the Scrambls website.

And for those of you looking for some more spy savvy messaging tactics, did you know that you can send encrypted spy messages through Gmail? If you want to visit some old school spy techniques, you can always send your secret audio communications via laser.

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