How To: See Every Single Bikini Pic from Your Facebook Friends on Your iPhone with Badabing

See Every Single Bikini Pic from Your Facebook Friends on Your iPhone with Badabing

We all know the real reason why Facebook was created. No matter what Mark Zuckerberg says, or how many commercials about chairs the company makes, it all comes down to one thing—boobies.

Okay, maybe not, but I guarantee that when most guys are browsing photos on Facebook, they're browsing for bazooms.

The Facts

Girls and guys alike scour tons of Facebook pages daily, looking at pictures of their friends—or people they wish they were friends with. I mean, you don't reach 1 billion users without an occasional side boob shot. It's just not going to happen. Plus if you take into account the amount of time Americans spend on Facebook, we all know that most of that is spent looking rather than typing.

So, for the Facebook users looking to save some time in their perverted picture search, there's an app for that, and it's aptly called Badabing.


Badabing lets you search up to five of your friends at a time, and finds their bikini/swimsuit pictures from the day at the beach or visit to the pool. This apparently works for men as well, so ladies, you've got some bathing beauties to look at, too.

The app will cost you $1.99, and if you take on the additional cost of feeling super creepy, you're looking at a net loss of at least 4 moral dollars. But if you like bikinis, and you like your friends in those bikinis, then this app is for you.

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The app is only available in the iTunes App Store and is compatible with the iPhone 3GS and above and 3rd generation and above iPod touches. It should be noted that the app hasn't received glowing reviews, but the app is relatively new and those kept from seeing scantly clad women tend not to be very happy about it.

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Gotta get sir-mix-a-lot on that app creation

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