How To: See login & failed login details of a WordPress Admin

See login & failed login details of a WordPress Admin

Everybody's hacking these days. Everybody wants to be a hacker, but that's what happens as technology becomes more and more accessible. Hacks are due to a lot of things. The main point is that you allow your user to access your WordPress Admin section or any section. So, may a problem could come with your user or writer. So, you must know about your login details and failed login details. Then only do you know about your user and what they are doing in your WordPress Admin section.

For that, in this video tutorial, see how to see the login and failed login details in your WordPress admin with the use of a login logger plugin.

This plugin is obviously showing the login details with Username, Time, IP address, How Long Ago, Time since Last Active.

For more information, visit the 4blogger post.

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