How To: Send large files with free file transfer services

Send large files with free file transfer services

1. Type in in the web toolbar and press enter

2. Click on Register found on the top right side

3. Enter the required boxes such as email address and your required password and click the register button.

4. The site will send an automatic confirmation email to your given email ID; you will have to click on the confirmation link emailed to your id (After logging in to your email a/c).

• This process is just to prove that you have provided a valid email id.

• After clicking the link, the site will display ‘ Registration Complete’

5. Once the registration is complete, click Sign in (Found on the top right corner of the page)

6. You can log in using the email id and password that you have provided at the time of registration.

7. Once you have logged in, click on send this file option, found on the top left corner.

a) A Drop down menu could be seen, in that select, send files.

b) On the next screen, Type the recipients email address and write a short description about the file you wish to send (in the subject box).

c) Click on the browse button to select the file. After selecting the file you will be able to notice the path of the file on the left side of the browse button.

d) Scroll down to the end of the page, click on send this file button, and wait for couple of minutes. You will be able to observe the progression bar. And your file will be sent.

B) Another kind of website which provides such type of service is

• In this website you don’t have to register for transferring files.

• Follow the same steps as Said earlier.

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