How To: Set Up Wippien VPN in Windows XP

Set Up Wippien VPN in Windows XP

This video tutorial from ruralgeek shows how to set up and use Wippien VPN on Windows XP.

First, download Wippien client from here:

Once it's downloaded, install the application. Be sure that option Put Wippien to XP firewall extensions is checked. Uncheck any other options.

Now start the program.

Settings window will open. Wippien uses Jabber accounts, so if you don't have one, create it.

Enter JID and password, then click Test account. After Success window will pop up, click Next button.

Choose Contact icon from the list.

Click Finish.

Wippien Contact list will open. You can use MiniVPN version if you don't need instant messaging feature.

Now click Exit and close Wippien for now.

Click Start menu-My Network Places (right click)-Properties.

Select Wippien connection and right click it, selecting Properties.

Scroll down and select Internet Protocol(TCP/IP) from the list, then click Properties.

Enter for Default gateway. Click Advanced button and uncheck Automatic Metric option. In Interface Metric type 1500, click OK.

Close all Network connections windows.

Click Start button then Run, type cmd command and press Enter.

Type route -f and press enter.

It will rebuild your routing tables in Windows.

Now you will need to restart your computer.

Click Start-Run, type cmd again, type route print, press Enter.

Check that metrics and gateway are the same you entered. Once everything's cheked, type exit and press Enter.

From Start menu-All Programs run Wippien application.

Click on green plus sign and add your Jabber contacts.

Now you are ready to communicate with your contacts.

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