How To: Setup a free VPN with

Setup a free VPN with

This video tutorial tells you how to create a free VPN with the website The first step in creating your VPN on is to make an account on Register with your own username and password. Then when you've made an account log in to it so that you can use the rest of the website. Next you go to control panel, and then network setup. Then you will have to click through the instructions in order to create a new network. Next you will have to create a new connection and then connect to your virtual private network and make it Add a shortcut to your desktop and type in your account info. Save everything and then click connect so that it will connect and validate everything that it needs to. You are finished.

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I take free vpn with a pinch of salt, because using such service my e-mail correspondence was intercepted and my bank data came into the hands of thieves. After that case I prefer only paid vpn (by the way they have a lot of advantages in comparison with free vpns not only secure encryption). I chose for my needs

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