How To: Setup Google customized alerts

Setup Google customized alerts

This video tutorial from TruTricks presents how to setup Google customized alerts.Open your internet browser and search for Google Alerts using Google search engine.Click first result that says Google Alerts.You will need to sign in to use this Google feature.Google or Google mail account will work. If you don't have it you should create one.After you signed in Google Alerts welcome screen will open.Here you can create new Google alerts using Create a Google Alert window.Enter Search Term you are interested in. Then select Type of search results.Comprehensive type is recommended. For How often option choose Once a day and for email length - up to 50 results option.Then you can choose where the results will be delivered to. You can choose between your email or feed (RSS) options.Finally, click Create Alert button. A new window will open showing all your alerts and their settings. It is a powerful tool to find out what people think of you or your web site for example.Now, all results will be delivered according to your settings to location you chose.Be aware, that sometimes it takes a few hours for RSS feed to create and populate.

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