How To: Shop and buy smart on eBay

Shop and buy smart on eBay

New to eBay? Don't worry, setting up an account and buying and selling doesn't take that much effort at all. Everyone who has an Internet connection has at one point come across eBay, to find the perfect gift for their loved ones, to find the cheapest deals on plasma televisions and computers, or to get rid of their dusty, old record album collection in their web store.

This interactive tutorial will show you how to shop and buy smart on eBay. Learn how to research pricing on items, how to watch and compare items, best payment and shipping methods, bidding and buying strategies and learn about the eBay Toolbar, PayPal, PayPal Mobile and eBay Express.

Make your buying experience even better! Smart eBay shoppers know how to get the best deals and experience smooth transactions. You can learn, too!

Shop and buy smart on eBay

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