How To: Sniff passwords with Ettercap

Sniff passwords with Ettercap

How to hack a network by sniffing passwords with Ettercap software.

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if it works its awesome nothing more words that i can say

where do i put the files?

newer mind but i cant get it to work :( heelp

it works but need to wait a long time

where can i download the file from???

The sound do not work, where do you download it from???.

what do i do when ive downloaded the files?
i get a bunch of files NOT a program!

im not a computer expert so i dont know what to do!

I have Ettercap installed and WinCap but i only found i host i need more



Theres too much incomplete software to do any hack such as this one. All I ended up with is a bunch of files as well. As for the .exe version I have searched high and low and am unable to find a .exe version nor am I able to convert it to exe. Personally I don't see why so many software programmers don't put files into more simple zipped folder containing nothing else but a .exe version..... so much easier than getting users to do the programming for u!!!???

I got very grate thing.

i dont see the video on how it works! anyone can help me.

i dont get what it means by please select an user interface any help plz

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