How To: Speed up your Internet and computer

Speed up your Internet and computer

If you ever wondered how you could make your internet web browsing faster, then this video will give you a crucial tip. The loading speed of web pages and web sites is greatly influenced by the type of web browser you are using. The narrator in this video suggests that you search for other types of web browsers besides Internet Explorer or AOL. The main web browser that is advocated by narrator in this video is Firefox. He explains how Firefox is able to load pages faster than Internet Explorer. In this video, the narrator demonstrates and compares the speeds of Internet Explorer versus Firefox. One such reason for the faster page loading that Firefox provides is that it filters out cookies and other information to speed up web browsing. The narrator makes an important note that Firefox provides other services such as pop-up blocker and protection from spy-ware and malware. Another very important note that the video makes is that Firefox is free. The video will also show you how you can download Firefox. By following this one very simple suggestion of changing your web browser, you will instantly see a difference in the speed of your internet browsing.

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