How To: Spot a fake girl on MySpace, Twitter, or Facebook

Spot a fake girl on MySpace, Twitter, or Facebook

Have you ever gotten a friend request on MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter from a hot girl and thought, "Wow! This is almost too good to be true!" Well, chances are, it is. In this short tutorial, learn some tricks and tip-offs to spot a fake.


- Check and see if they have more than one photo of themselves. Usually fakes grab a single photo off the Inernet because they can't find a second photo of the same person. Make sure in their pictures, they're doing real things (at a friend's house, baking, whatever)... Not just posing. Pictures can be Photoshopped.

- Make sure they have real friends on their comment board (on MySpace or Facebook). People just saying "hi!" or "what's up!" are not necessarily friends. Look for real bits of conversation... like, "Nice to see you on Friday! You looked great!"

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