How To: Start a blog you care about

Start a blog you care about

1. To start a blog pick a topic on which you want to create your blog.

2. Select a blog software or platform where you can work like word press.

3.Select a web host they are the one who makes your blog online available for everyone. Find a link for all web hosts and select one.

4.Select a template for your blog. You can use word press because it provides several tutorials that may be useful for you.

5.You can select unique design for your blog to make it more attractive.

6.If you have good budget then invest on the design if you want.

7.Next step is to add contents add introduction. First of all visit your competitors and try to do something special and meaningful that will attract people. Post few blogs and some flash videos.

8. To promote your blog write good contents.

9.Always update the contents and images .

10.Provide extra facility to readers like e-mail.

11. For subscribers select one or two at a time. If you have a large number of users you can easily make money.

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