How To: Telnet into a chat room

Telnet into a chat room

The uses for Telnet are nearly limitless. Even joining chat rooms are in its repituare of purposes. This video will show you exactly how to Telnet into a chatroom.

To send a message grooms name#a#whatever you want to send To send a message through PM hpersons name#1#a#Whatever you want to send to them To join a room crooms Name##Whatever you want your entrance message to be To exit a room drooms name To get a list of the rooms l (that is not an i it is a lower case L ;D) If you need help figuring out how to actually get in there message me.

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Repertoire is not spelled repituare, and that was supposed to be a "How to"? Thanks. For anyone trying to connect to a chat or IRC via telnet just google it, and you can find much better "How to"s in the top couple hits.

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