How To: Trace IP Addresses to a Location

Trace IP Addresses to a Location

Need help tracing an IP address to a location? Well, Tinkernut has a clear and effect way to help out.

First, you'll need the URL of a website you desire to trace, in this case, YouTube (youtube.come) is used. After you've done that, you'll want to go to the Start menu (Windows PC) and access the "run" command and type in "cmd" to get the command window running. You then type in "tracert" then the URL of the website.

Once you press Enter, you'll receive all of the IP addresses that the website is traveling through. Wait for the final IP address to show up and then go to this web tool to perform an IP query. You then just paste the desired IP address into the lookup box and submit it to reveal where the website is being governed.

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