How To: Track Google's trends features

Track Google's trends features

In this Computers & Programming video tutorial you will learn how to track Google's trends features. This will help you find some powerful micro niches and great keywords to create content and get top rankings in search engines. Any trend on the internet first starts with an event. For example 'mega millions' gets lot of traffic when someone wins a jackpot or a big lottery draw is coming up. Similarly, 'July 4th' traffic spikes around that event and dies down. If you want traffic from this event you got to create your content just before the event. There is also a lot of news about the event around the same time. Another cool trick to do is to combine; for example you can search for 'Facebook, YouTube, Twitter' together to compare the traffic and get niches. After getting the traffic data, you got to search for keywords to create your content around.

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