How To: Track the Super Storm Hurricane Sandy Live

Track the Super Storm Hurricane Sandy Live

As Hurricane Sandy barrels towards the East Coast, 50 million people are expected to be affected in the nation's most populated corridor. The behemoth super storm is a cause for concern, evident by the massive evacuations.

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The picture above is an eerie snap of the mostly crowded Times Square subway station in New York. Government officials have warned over half a million people to evacuate their homes and head to higher grounds. To help prepare for this storm, the internet has provided several ways to track the storm, for those still with web access, or those helping their friends and family members from safer distance.

The Weather Channel's Live News Stream on YouTube

To follow the latest Hurricane Sandy news, The Weather Channel has provided a live 24/7 stream on YouTube. The news covers topics ranging from Sandy's ETA to flash flood warnings, wind speeds and power outages.

Google's Crisis Map

Google is providing a crisis map, which provides very important information through different layers. The map provides a toolbar on the left side of the map that allows users to toggle what they want the map to show.

A few of the options include:

  • Current storm location
  • Flood warnings
  • Webcam and YouTube video tracking
  • Public alerts
  • Traffic conditions


A collaborative effort of hundreds, if not thousands of people, has begun to sprout into what is being called Hurricane Hackers. This collective has begun work to use the Internet to track, analyze, and inform everyone of Hurricane Sandy.

The group, which brainstorms in this very extensive Google Doc has already created a few useful applications, such as the Sandy Timeline and this map of live video streams.

NASA Live Stream from the ISS

NASA TV is broadcasting live satellite video of Hurricane Sandy taken from the International Space Station. Since the Space Station orbits the Earth every 90 minutes, there will be specific windows to watch the live video. The first is at 11:16ET, with the following window at 12:45ET.

Instagram Pictures

For a more personal perspective of the storm, the hashtag #instacane has appeared on Instagram following the harrowing event through the eyes of the victims. With over a thousand pictures already the hashtag already has a great collection, with pictures ranging from overturned trees to indoor activities.

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To see them from your computer easily, you can search using Search Instagram.

NOAA StormCentral

To stay up to date on satellite images, check out the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's StormCentral.

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Photos by BI, Digiday, NOAA

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