How To: Troubleshoot and fix Internet Explorer

Troubleshoot and fix Internet Explorer

In this video, Britec09 shows, "How to Fix and Troubleshoot Internet Explorer Browser Problems". First ensure that your computer is connected to the internet and your system is not infected by a computer virus, or any other type of infection, that will cause your computer to function incorrectly. First you should download Firefox to validate if the problem is with the internet explorer or the website itself. Second, you must check the version of your internet explorer. If it is old, update the version. Third, Delete files and offline contents cookies and clear history. Delete objects, to ensure it is not corrupted and causing the problem. Go to Advanced, and restore defaults. Remove add-on, then reset web settings. Turn off your popup blocker, then Privacy tab should not be to high. Go to "Add and remove" to repair the internet explorer.Run CMD, SFC /scannow, and use the CD. Run the command given in the video. Test the browser.

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