How To: Unblock Facebook at school with Google

Unblock Facebook at school with Google

This video will show you an interesting trick which you can use to access Facebook or other web pages on a school server or other place where Facebook is normally blocked with the help of Google. You will need to first go to the Google homepage and find the button at the top of the toolbar which says "more" and go to the pull-down option of "even more" options. This will open up a new web page. You should then go down to the "translate a webpage" option on the right hand column of results and type in the URL of Facebook. Translating Facebook to your native language will allow you to unblock Facebook and for you to use it at school.

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Hmm yeah the only issue is when the admins block the access or if you they're actually behind a filter. If they have blocked the access but you have privileges to install I'd recommend a VPN. I personally use one i got from here at work. Check it out!

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