How To: Upload files from Firefox with the FireFTP extension

Upload files from Firefox with the FireFTP extension

Go to web browser, click on tools- under tools click on 'Fire ftp.' Add an account to get into recall server. Under 'MANAGE ACCOUNTS' - click 'Add new one.' In host type 'Recall.(yourserver.)' then click on 'anonymous.' Click 'okay.' Now hit 'Connect.' the ftp server is then going to connect to your remote server. On right side you can see the remote server and it's file structure. Clicking on plus button (+) will expand the file tree structure. At this point you can see all the folders but you cannot see any files. Click on MSC and find the file you would like. And simply drag the icon of the file you would like from the remote server over to your local machine (left side.) The file should land on your desktop.

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