How To: Use caret browsing

Use caret browsing

This video tutorial is in the Computers & Programming category where you will learn how to use caret browsing. Caret browsing is a method of selecting text on any web page. You can activate caret browsing by pressing the f7 button on your computer. It is available in Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers. Normally, for selecting text on a web page, you highlight the text by clicking and dragging the cursor and then you can copy and paste it in to a text editor. While doing this, if there are other boxes on either side of the text, sometimes they also get copied. To avoid this, you press f7 and then hit 'yes' on the next box to activate caret browsing. Now you will have a blinking cursor. Place it at the start of the text you want to select, hold the Shift key and continue pressing the Down key to highlight the text you want to copy.

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