How To: Use the Cmd prompt to view MySpace at school

Use the Cmd prompt to view MySpace at school

This how-to video is about how to use command prompt to view the blocked websites at school. This step by step instruction will help one to open the blocked websites at school.

First open a note pad and type "command" in it then choose the "file" option from the toolbar and choose the "save as" option to save this. Choose the location as "desktop" and name the file as "CMD.bat". By doing this automatically the file gets saved in the desktop. When we click on the saved file that we will get an access to the command prompt.

Once we get into the command prompt type the following command next to the white blinking cursor, the command should be in this format "ping <website>" there should be a space between ping and the website name, for example if we want to access MySpace website enter the command as "ping"

Once we enter this command and hit enter, then we will get a sequence of numbers like this "" This number is called IP address and its unique for each website and its the numeric form of the website.

Take a note of this number, open a new Internet Explorer and enter the number in the address bar. Don't type any www or .com, just enter the numbers as obtained from the command prompt, example If you enter the number automatically you can enter MySpace website.

Uses: By following the above steps one can access the blocked websites at school.

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