How To: Use the cPanel CMS to upload files to your website

Use the cPanel CMS to upload files to your website

NeaceDesign explains an easy method of setting up a website online without having to use FTP programs. He begins with correcting an error made previously in which the main web page was name 'Home'. This should be renamed to 'Index' and the file re-exported. NeaceDesign suggests going with well-known web-page hosting services such as 'hostmonster'. The first step is to go to File Manager and upload the image files to a new folder. This is done by sending all the files to a zip folder and then uploading the zip folder to the Manager. The next step is to extract the folder. This allows many files to be uploaded at once, rather than uploading a single file at a time. Once the files have been extracted, refresh the main web page and the images should appear.

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