How To: Use Greasemonkey and Stylish to edit javascript

Use Greasemonkey and Stylish to edit javascript

If you want to use Greasemonkey and Stylish to edit javascript you can go to and you can change and edit your mainpage/homepage such as Google. On greasemonkey, you can apply extra functionality to sites and web pages. Using javascript you can post a code and animate the images or web results. The images will fly and dance around the screen using this particular javascript. Also, go to to get various Greasemonkey scripts to customize various sites. Such as, you can find YouTube lyrics on this site and this allows you to add a tab using java script that will show lyrics! To get these various scripts all you have to do it install the Greasemonkey userscript and begin to use it. When it is installed successfully, it will tell you on the bottom of the tab and then you can use it. It is that simple! You can also make your own by just clicking 'New Script'!

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