How To: Use HP's Smart Web Printing for green printing

Use HP's Smart Web Printing for green printing

From Smart Web Printing to recyclable HP inkjet cartridges, it's never been easier to be environmentally conscious.

You can start by reducing the amount of ink and paper you waste. HP Smart Web Printing lets you select specific content from multiple websites and print only what you want.

Not all print jobs require the same print quality. By optimizing the print mode to suit the job, you can save ink. Printing in Fast Draft mode uses less ink for things like text while Best mode uses more ink for graphics and photos.

Save energy. Most HP inkjet printers automatically go into a low power state after a few minutes of inactivity which reduces overall energy consumption.

You've reduced, re-used and now you can recycle. All of HP's inkjet cartridges are recyclable, and it's free. Check out for more details.

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