How To: Use Peter Answers to prank your friends

Use Peter Answers to prank your friends

Peter Answers is a fun website online that you can use to play pranks on your friends. This site is easy to access, free and requires no downloads.
Peter Answers is an online fortune teller than you can hack to make it look like he is 'all knowing.' This site will seem innocent enough but there is really a trick that you need to know in order to guide "Peter"'s answers.
The website itself does not disclose the hack, but the question and answer field will not work without it. So, the next time you want to impress friends and make them think you have a psychic connection with your PC, follow the guide in this tutorial and make them wonder.

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another prank site

  1. Ask your Friend to open on his device and look for the number on the screen.
  1. Open on your device and enter the number which you have seen on your friend's device.
  1. Now any question your friend will ask, will be visible on your device and you can type the reply too.

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