How To: Use a proxy and understand why they are important

Use a proxy and understand why they are important

In this video you are shown how to use proxies and why they are important. Proxies are useful because they shield you and make you anonymous over the internet, it also prevents websites from logging your IP address. To see how important it is to prevent this go to It will show you your IP, click on it and go to 'look up'. It will show you all the personal information that can determined from your IP address. The easiest way to proxy are VPN's, which stands for virtual private network. In this video we will use Hot Spot Shield. Download and install it using the provided instructions, it should be very easy. Run the program and your web browser will pop up and assign you a new IP address. Now go back to, click through to the personal information and you will see that there is no information being leaked by this new IP address. This will proxy all applications that connect to the internet. There are many different ways to proxy, this is just one of many.

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