How To: Use a proxy with Firefox to hide your IP address

Use a proxy with Firefox to hide your IP address

The video shows us how to use a proxy server with Firefox to hide your IP address. you can actually use this to avoid the hacking and various things that are blocking you from websites. Firefox is one of the easiest way to do this and for doing this you need to Google search the free proxylist and then you can select a proxy from the one which is related to the country you are residing in. Then copy that proxy server and then go to tools and click on options and under advanced tab click on networks and click on settings. And then check the manual proxy configurations and type the proxy and adjust the port settings and click on OK. Then check whether the server is working is normally and once it's done then go to the website WhatismyIPaddress where you can check your real IP address. With this you can hide your IP address and if the server doesn't work well then just change the IP address again. With this it's done.

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cool man thanks i like it

can I use this for mass posting on craigslist? how do you return to your original ip address

Douglas Ewing:

Yes, if you so choose.

Using a proxy hides your IP address, it doesn't change it.


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