How To: Use Skype online video messaging software

Use Skype online video messaging software

To first get a Skype account you will need to go to Skype and download Skype onto your computer. To download the program click on your operating system and download the proper program. Once it is download you can click on the downloaded file and click on install. It will take a few minutes to install onto your computer. Once it is installed you will be prompted to make an account. To make an account you will have to enter your full name, and your desired username. You will also have to type in a password and verify your password. Click yes to agree with the Terms and License Agreement and then you will be prompted to type in your email address and your city. Typing in your city is optional. Then you will click sign in and your Skype account will be created. Once your account is created then you will be prompted to read through the help pages and you will be able to add friends and family to your Skype account in order to talk with them.

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